Paintings & entrepreneurship style

Your art form says a lot about your personality. A typical oil painting is a very structured art requiring high degree of planning and execution happening over multiple stages (5-12 layers of paint coating).
The first layer: Strategic direction: A charcoal sketch which broadly defines the placement of the various features of the painting.
Second layer: ground work: Where the painter defines the color scheme. The artist defines, which portions are core/important and which are context/background.
Detailing: Here the artist focuses on the core and shapes/re-shapes it till he is satisfied with the output..
Creating the background, supporting features that will give the proper context for the viewer to fully appreciate the beauty of the painting.
Finishing touch which brings all the pieces together.

Basically the painter draws the face, then the cheek, then the eye and finally the tear in the eye.
However the glass painting is just the opposite, you first draw the features then the background. Everything is other way around. Then there is photography where in an instant the magic is created.
Entrepreneurs are also very similar. There are few which have a vision, a clear goal and a methodical approach. They build partnerships, brand, products each leading to the final goal. Most great product companies are made the same way.
However there are several who just chase the money. They might seem to drift from project to project each of increasingly larger size and hence creating a very profitable group of companies, a conglomerate.
Then there are some charismatic magicians who create companies instantly. Their brand name is sufficient for customers & investors to line up. People are talking about their next product launch even before the company reveals its intentions.
There is no way to compare one art form with another. Similarly there is no way to compare one entrepreneur from another. But like the uniqueness of product ideas even all entrepreneurs are truly unique. Some achieve success through years of sweat & sacrifice while some stumble into success. But to the vast majority it’s always a distant dream. Similarly most people pursue art, but very few create anything even worth the paper it is printed on. Not sure if entrepreneurs look at themselves as artists, but they are not very different.

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