New year wishes

Source: Email forward

Making resolutions for the new year is a neat trap – you know you are going to break most of them, and feel terrible about it for the rest of the year!

Instead, I suggest you make a wish list. It is like a buffet spread-you can eat all or eat nothing-it depends on how hungry you are.

I have made a wish list. Which can provide the required magic to my life. It is like a beautiful buffet spread on a Sunday afternoon.


Starters: (pick any 2)

  1. I will try to get up early (you can accomplish 30 % more during 5 am to 10 am)
  2. I will exercise at least for 30 minutes 4 times a week (you have no choice on this)
  3. I will meditate /pray/ visualize positive things/do yoga for 30 minutes every day.


Main course (pick any 6)

1)  As soon as I step out of my door in the morning, I will behave as if I am on national television. My behavior will be impeccable.

2)  I will invest in best clothes I can afford-along with good shoes (It has been proved, that better dressed people earn 15 % more-all things being equal)

3)  At work, I shall do only things, which will increase my sales or reduce my costs. (Whatever you focus on-expands!)

4)  Will outsource everything, which is not my core competence. (Won’t waste time on improving my weakness)

5)  Will reduce my mobile bills by 30 %. (Mobile phones are the biggest time waster in corporate world)

6)  Will contact 3 customers every month, who have stopped doing business with me. (It is three times easier to convert old customers, than acquiring new once)

7)  Will personally talk to 20 % of my top customers every month. (They run my kitchen and will contribute 80 % to my sales)

8)    I will not call my employees on weekends or when they are on vacations. (They will respect me for that)

9)   I will at least take one risky decision, which I was always scared to take. (I don’t want to die of boredom-do you?)

10)  I will train my brain to think creatively every day. I will try to do different things to exercise my brain muscles- try new style & color of clothes; go to new restaurants, visit zoo; listen to different music; visit toy shop to observe children buying toys, be nice to my mother-in-law.

11)  I will do five things everyday, which will take me closer to my goals. (Make this as my screen saver)

12)  I will not forget to market myself every day.


Desert (pick all)


  1. I will take 2 vacations in a year.
  2. I will devote at least one day (Sunday) for family only. No business calls, no laptops. Does not matter, how big my business/position is.
  3. I will smile at everyone I meet. (Even to the liftman)
  4. I will hug my spouse everyday in multiples of three.
  5. I will watch one movie in a cinema hall every month (it is therapy for the soul)
  6. I will read at least 2 books in a year.
  7.    I will do one thing, which I was always fearful about.
  8. I will call two old friends, whom I have not spoken for years.
  9. I will do one thing, which makes me truly happy. Does not matter if my wife or children get mad at me.
  10. I have got only 52 weekends. I will not let anybody spoil them.

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