weird vegetarian foods

The list of seafish being cooked alive, Kobe beef that lives a life comparable to a prince (before slaughter) or a fish so poisonous that only the chef that has been trained for 2 years is endless. but even veg foods are really weird. I am only listed ones that are considered as a delicacy in the developed world. If I add the African/tribal culture then the list is endless. (sister of Jackfruit) whose smell is compared to rotten onions, vomit, raw sewage, and sweaty gym socks (mushrooms that grow on caterpillars) you have a dog breed that specializes in hunting truffle (a plant) maggot cheese also called as cat poop coffee

I have known children who can go on and on about the Hotlix candy with a scorpion inside or Beanboozled vomit flavored jelly beans. Maybe these items are marked as delicacies and not food items that expired last yeear because each and every one comes with a unique story. I guess it is true: Men never group up. They are the same old weird boys but now with money to burn.

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