Diwali Vs. Singles Day

Is India relevant in today’s world economy?
Yesterday 11/11 Chinese Singles Day (a make-name shopping festival invented by Alibaba) coincided with Diwali. Both countries had a huge retail sales & domestic consumption. Yet the Western media had articles after articles on Chinese Singles Day. Diwali festival was barely mentioned anywhere.

Isn’t it strange the only time the name India is mentioned in any international publications it is linked to
1. Religious Intolerance or RSS or Modi
2. Poverty or corruption or Congress
3. Draconian policies of bureaucrats or how investor un-friendly India is

It is time India should hire some good PR scientist to steer the conversation to modernization or better still advance so much that everyone has no choice to notice us.


2 thoughts on “Diwali Vs. Singles Day

  1. I think this viewpoint is highly biased and lacks knowledgeable analysis. India’s relevance in world ‘economy’ and the hype on ‘Social media’ are 2 totally different things. Are you trying to say that if we invest in PR to drive social media hype for festivals like Diwali then we will be a stronger economy? I think, that’s laughable!


  2. Well all I am observing is that two Nations or roughly the same demographic size observed a festival on the same day. Yet one got observed other did not.

    Pick any international news channel or publication more often than not India is mentioned for the wrong reasons


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