never ending vikas

For selection of Adityanath as UP CM, Congratulations to all of us. Modi has once again shown his brilliance in selecting ‘Right persons for Right jobs’ All three Northern State-Haryana, Uttranchal UP will have great CMs.
Centre is already full of Gems. Giriraj must become Defence Minister. Gadkari to be sacked and replaced with Sadanand Gowda   even if he is not in BJP and Smriti should be back in Education.MP CM should also be replaced with Uma Bharti. The rule is not entirely about Hinduism as several elements were missing esp the Hindu rate of growth.
I feel Smriti Irani was as wonderful as Suresh Prabhu with Railways, only our Sexist Media was against her. We all must be aware about brilliant Turnaround of Railways- profit of 15000 CR (dividend+surplus) turned into loss of 15000 cr  (0 dividend); negative growth in freight achieved after 3 decades, 200 percent growth in  deaths due to accidents. Though he should not get all the credit, may be turnaround in profit is due to great performance of Indian Economy and pay commission. Accidents are mostly due to spurt in terrorist activities, is it because of Demonetisation?

2 thoughts on “never ending vikas

  1. U r being unfair to Prabhu ,,, ‘Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.’
    U think the profit during the UPA and laloo rail ministrys were profits ?
    What do u think about oil bonds of Chidambaram ?

    Populism is a formula even Modi cannot wish away because his opponents are uniting..
    The only thing that differenciates him from Congress is No high level blatent corruption and no super inflation ! If he inflates a way which he is showing some tendencies … he will loose popular vote !


    • this post was a comedy or satire… but i am with you on the sorry state of the affairs… but i guess in democracy people get what they deserve


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