The Contributors

Multiple personalities, multiple viewpoints, no Dissociative Identity Disorder, at least not yet,but lots of Ideas.


  • Ankur Aggarwal 安库 (अंकुर अग्रवाल)

    An observer who spends a lot of time in office utilizing the free bandwidth pretending to be busy.
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  • Skabeesh
    or Shivam. Gaming, Coffee and Mythology, the three branches of passion that made bearable his two years of imprisonment in a golden cage. Unfortunately, he got to spend less time out of the cage than a prison inmate on parole. Now that he is out and fiddling about in the real world, he needs to be distracted. Skabeesh is on FB and Twitter.
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  • Sandip Chaudhuri
    With a screen name inspired by DEATH this dreamer can be found reading at odd times. He is best defined by a penchant for design, love for exotic food and passion for photography.
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25 thoughts on “The Contributors

  1. Hi Ankur. Guess I should have come here before…!
    Nice blog you have here. Have added you to my blogroll.
    Also, thanks for leaving those meaningful comments on my blog.


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