Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami

I write with reference to media reports that the High-level probe team into 26/11 events have asked the various senior oficers to explain where they were during the shootout. In this regard I had already sent you a letter a month ago which is below. It is also stated that the bureaucrats are hatching a conspiracy to fudge their whereabouts by supporting each other. I would reqeust the probe-team to also get transcripts of their residential, office and mobile phones for those 60 hours and the location of the mobiles to get to the truth.
I write with reference to the article “Wanted: A minute by minute account” by Govindraj Ethiraj (BS 23rd. December 2008). He has raised very interesting points – could the media tell us in a tabular format, say on a 3-hour basis as to where the top functionaries (?) of the state and the city were during the crucial 60 hours? I recall from media photographs, that one senior lady bureaucrat in a blue sari, was in fact rescued from the Taj. Where did she go thereafter and what role did she play?
Mr. Ethiraj states that news television pressed all resources immediately and stayed there. Would they have stayed if even one stray bullet had hit anyone? Who would have been responsible for such an accident? In fact nowhere in the world would the security forces responsible for the outer perimeter – in this case the Mumbai Police – would have allowed the media so close to the scene of action and broadcast on a real time basis with a shot-by-shot commentary.
– T.R.Ramaswami



Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami

Who has behaved most irresponsibly during the recent Mumbai carnage? Apart from the netas it is the media, particularly the visual media. In fact it is they who appear to be on the side of the terrorists by downplaying our anger and not airing the real views. Only those who say things in a sugary way are aired. What’s the use of lighting candles. Let the media, particularly one puny TV anchor, shove these candles up their rear and that of the netas hiding behind walls and Z-security and they will know how it hurts.
The media is so insensitive. First many foreign journalists are shocked that the media is able to show live everything that is happening on the scene of battle with all point of ingress and egress fully visible. I am sure that the terrorists had an accomplice watching the TV or even next to the cameras conveying what is happening outside. That’s why when a fire engine moved in, they threw a grenade. Next watch how they harass the people who come out after undergoing hours of harrowing terror just to get their sound bytes. I would like to place a bomb between their legs, again particularly under the same puny anchor, and then shove a camera in her face and ask – Aap ko kya mehsoos ho rahai? Kitne aadmi the!!???

My comments on yesterday’s post did support free media, but I would agree with your frustration on this one. The quality of Media is really poor and with coverage like this they are indeed compromising the law enforcement activities.