Guest post by T R Ramaswami
What exactly is the reason for the hullabaloo raised over the cartoon? It is nothing but symbolic hypocrisy like the one on the auction of Gandhi’s possessions. The more important question that no one has the courage to ask is this – If Ambedkar is the so-called “Father” and “Architect” of the Indian Constitution as many would want it to be claimed, did he do a good job? Then let them explain why he was such a poor visionary. We have had 100 amendments in less than 65 years. That‘s a far better strike rate than that of Gayle, Afridi or Sehwag. Contrast this with the less than 30 amendments in 230 years in the US Constitution. It is evident that Ambedkar’s name has been used as a vote gathering technique while his Constitution has been mauled and raped. The question is – when will the Dalits realize that they have been taken for a ride and that their poverty and consequent illiteracy has enabled this? The sucking up to vote bank politics of the Congress compelled that he be given the title of “Father of the Constitution” with a more than deserved share of the credit. If however the contrary is true, then is it not correct that the Congress governments, under whom most of the amendments were enacted, did so only for narrow political gains, thus destroying Ambedkar’s seminal work? It would be interesting to hear the responses of the Congress and the supporters of Dr. Ambedkar. If Ambedkar’s reputation has to be restored then let the Constitution be restored to its 1950 glory and let us run the country on that basis.

Since we have been correcting history/political science text books to suit various ethnic, social and political needs, there is one correction that needs to be made. History books tell us that Nehru, a leader of the Congress “fought” for independence. But there is no information on what dates and which places he did so – and what “fighting” he really did. Making provocative speeches (which every two-bit neta does today) and sending long memorandums to the Viceroy do not count. Could the text books please carry this information? Also if he was such a great freedom fighter, then why was he not sent to the Andamans where the real freedom fighters were sent? Why was he sent to jails with all comforts where he could letters that became books and on which royalty was earned later? I am told that the only fighting that Nehru only indulged in hand-to-hand ‘combat’ – with the Viceroy’s wife on the lawns of the present Rashtrapathi Bhavan. History books also tell us of the great crime Nathuram Godse committed in assassinating Mahatma Gandhi. But they do not tell us that he committed an even greater crime – he shot the wrong man. Who should he have shot – the Great Freedom “Fighter”. History books should also tell us why the Congress that claims to be a Gandhian party did not dissolve itself as desired by the Mahatma. Will the HRD Minister answer all these questions so that our censored knowledge of history is complete? Perhaps the above is the reason why many say ‘istri’ for history. They know that inconvenient facts have been istrified.



Guest post by: T.R. Ramaswami

We have all heard of fertilizer subsidy, fuel subsidy, LPG subsidy and the PM even mentioned that the 2G scam was also a subsidy. But we now have a new subsidy that is self perpetuating – sex subsidy – also called BPL – which will ensure that generations of Indians will continue to be BPL and produce even more BPL candidates. If someone claims to be BPL and cannot even support himself and needs the government to provide handouts then why should such a person be allowed to marry or even have children? So that more people can be brought into this world who are BPL ab initio and will vote for his caste-wallah neta? So let BPL be given only to those who are single and the moment he gets married or has children, he loses his BPL status. And any children, legal or illegal, will not be entitled to BPL subsidies. This should apply with retrospective effect. Children of BPL will not be eligible for BPL. In one generation we will wipe out BPL. That is the only way to end this vote garnering gimmick at the cost of tax payers. Otherwise BPL will only be a government sponsored sex subsidy scheme.



Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami

The case of the missing “bullet-proof” vest is shooting along and our famous detective, or is it “defective” of the police force (farce?) Shri Hairlock Shome has solved the case – here is the gripping story.
TV Anchor Halka Butt : What has happened to the vest?
Union Home Minister : If the state government and the city police cannot find the vest I am very sorry for that.
Istate Home Minister: Arre, har mahina mere “Home” mein mera vest goom ho jata hai. Woh rail bridge hadsa ka file bhi goom ho gaya. Abhi bridge bhi goom ho saktha hai. Mere khayal mein koi “vested” interest iske peeche hai. Is vest ke peechey itna time aur paisa waste hotha hai. Ek vest goom ho gaya tho doosra contract mein aur ek kharidh lenge. Itna bada shahar mein aisi choti cheez – vest, file, bridge, ithyadhi, ithyadi tho goom ho saktha hai.
DG State Police : The city police does not come under me or report to me.
City Police Commissioner: We have filed an FIR for theft. I have asked DCP Rupa to investigate. She knows all about vests, banians and chaddis.
DCP Rupa : I have put the entire police dog squad to sniff out the vest. They have been sniffing all over the Mahalakshmi dhobi ghat. So far they have been only able to sniff chaddis.
Chief Sarkari Kutha : Bow, bow-wow, bow bow wow. Bow-wow bow-wow bow. Bow wow wow, wow, bow wow.
Translation of above: I smell a rat and shall soon let the cat out of the vest.
– T.R.Ramaswami



Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami

I write with reference to your editorial “Chidambaram’s Proposals” (BS 28 December 2008). The proposals are nothing but a rehashed version on what the US did after 26/11. Faced with the problem that the FBI, CIA, NSC etc had different objectives and did not talk to each other, the US created the TTIC – Terrorist Threat Integration Centre. However post 26/11 the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, headed by Senator Richard Shelby, made some important statements that Mr. Chidambaram may do well to consider. The report, inter alia stated – the FBI has deeply entrenched mind sets that prize the production of evidence supported narratives over the drawing of probabilistic inferences based on incomplete and fragmentary information …..Law enforcement agencies just think differently from intelligence organisations…….Intelligence analysts would doubtless make poor policemen and it has become very clear that policemen make poor intelligence analysts.

Our IB and RAW consists of more than 80% IPS officers at levels higher than Assistant Director, and many of the deputationists are those who do not want to do routine police work or have been sent to these bodies because the state government does not want them. Intelligence aptitude is not their forte or even a criteria. However having spent time in the IPS they have become personal adjuncts of the government in power, keeping watch over opposition moves, helping in toppling governments and even funding the purchase of MPs/MLAs sequestered in their safe houses from the secret budgets they have. What security and intelligence the country can get from such outfits is a moot point. However to be fair it must also be stated that an intelligence body is the only one where failures become public but it cannot publicise its successes as that would alert the other side and may lead to more failures! A real Catch-22 if there was ever one.
In a recent TV interview Mr. Chidambaram slammed the state governments for not giving a tenure to key officials and admitted he could do nothing. Can he at least start with his own Congress state governments? And how about denying central police support for those who do heed to the Centre’s advisories. Other wise it appears that the Union Home Minister’s writ runs only over New Delhi, some central police organizations and the IB and RAW.

– T.R.Ramaswami



Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami

How did the bombers sneek in and place bombs all over the place with impunity? Because the Intelligence Bureau was perhaps busy in ensuring the “security” of the government and fixing MPs before the trust vote. This is a fact as even the media has mentioned and publicly congratulated the efforts of the Director, PC Haldar. Is this what the IB is for? And the security agencies know that even if they catch anyone nothing will happen as every politician is looking for minority votes and even more so now since the next elections are not far off. That’s why not a single Home Minister has been sent home or the Chief of the security agencies been sacked. In fact many have become Governors/Ministerial Positions etc for the “good” work done. Historically, it was Ashoka who made us intolerably tolerant. Later this non-violent cult was politicised by Gandhi. Our interpretation of “secularism” in the Constitution has made us a weak and servile nation. That’s why we have had at least 15 serial bombing incidents in as many years. Look at the US, London and Madrid. After the incidents there no one has managed another. How? Because they have caught and kicked the terrorists.
– T.R.Ramaswami



Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami

We have been accusing Pakistan of facilitating state sponsored terrorism in India and have also solicited the help of the US. The US of course is now putting its weight on Pakistan to end terrorism not in India but in Afghanistan, because that is where its troops are. But here is a list of earlier “state sponsored terrorism” events which many seem to have forgotten:
The assistance to the Shah of Iran in deposing Prime Minister Mossadegh.
Bringing down the elected government in Guatemala
Rigging the election in Lebanon in 1957, whose effects are still being heard.
Assasination of Patrice Lumumba of Zaire in 1961. It is also rumoured that the plane crash that killed the then UN Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjöld was engineered by the secret services of the same country.
Repeated attempts to kill Fidel Castro of Cuba.
Bringing down the elected government in Chile.
Dislike and attempts to oust Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
Support to dictators and sheikhs of oil rich countries, as long as they toe the line.
Which is this country? No prizes for guessing. Maybe now that the epidermis of the President has changed colour some of the guilt may be expiated?
– T.R.Ramaswami

Ankur Aggarwal:
I wrote a post some time back:
I guess each country tries to define its zone of influence and plays all sorts of nasty games in there to maintain its dominance.



Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami

Who has behaved most irresponsibly during the recent Mumbai carnage? Apart from the netas it is the media, particularly the visual media. In fact it is they who appear to be on the side of the terrorists by downplaying our anger and not airing the real views. Only those who say things in a sugary way are aired. What’s the use of lighting candles. Let the media, particularly one puny TV anchor, shove these candles up their rear and that of the netas hiding behind walls and Z-security and they will know how it hurts.
The media is so insensitive. First many foreign journalists are shocked that the media is able to show live everything that is happening on the scene of battle with all point of ingress and egress fully visible. I am sure that the terrorists had an accomplice watching the TV or even next to the cameras conveying what is happening outside. That’s why when a fire engine moved in, they threw a grenade. Next watch how they harass the people who come out after undergoing hours of harrowing terror just to get their sound bytes. I would like to place a bomb between their legs, again particularly under the same puny anchor, and then shove a camera in her face and ask – Aap ko kya mehsoos ho rahai? Kitne aadmi the!!???

My comments on yesterday’s post did support free media, but I would agree with your frustration on this one. The quality of Media is really poor and with coverage like this they are indeed compromising the law enforcement activities.